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marvel - phoenix love me and despair

sparklybee in bugicons

a little bit of everything

1-3 Cable from Ultimate X-Men (comics)
4-6 Namor the Sub-Mariner from Marvel 1602: Fantastick Four (comics)
7-8 Deadpool from the upcoming Spider-man issue (comics)
9 Spider-man from the same issue (comics)


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6 7 8 9

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Is Ultimate Cable really future Wolverine?

Did you see the Sue/Richards Namor thread on CBR?
Yeah. :\ That kind of dampens my love for Ultimate!him a little, but still...dude is smokin' in that pic above. O:D

No, I didn't! I kind of guiltily ship them, haha.
Drowning in the Fathoms of Adulterous Frenzy

You have probably seen all of these scans, but I hadn't! (The thread got moved, so ignore the MU board people hating on the X-Boards)

Also, lol, I see I misplaced the slash above. Pics are distracting. ffffff I will not give in to the sexy of that pointy-eared grouch!

Edited at 2009-08-03 03:01 am (UTC)
Oh man, that first scan. I love it. And now I have even MORE comics I need to track down. XD


Oh man, I found fan art of Wolverine and Scarlet Witch. That doesn't even make sense to me. I'd be all over it if it was Wanda/Pietro though. O:D
I gotta admit, this one about killed me. Hot darn on a pogostick.

...Wolverine? O_O lol people will ship him with ANYONE.

Oh man, Magneto at the end of House of M, in his pajama-things, just lying there powerless and Wolverine going snikt-unsnikt...
Oh man, yes. Namor is a sexy beast. I need to make some more avatars of him (I can't use the 1602 ones, because it makes me think of cheesy romance novel covers XD).

I knowwwww! Wolverine...I just don't get that one, haha.

House of M made me feel sorry for Magneto. I mean, I usually have a vague sort of "man, his life sucked" feeling for him, but he's pretty...extreme. But House of M? I kinda love him now. Haha. Did you read House of M: Civil War? I felt sorry for him after that one ended too. :\

I wish that there was more Pietro in House of M. O:D
House of M made me want to totally sex Magento up out of sympathy and I don't even like him that much.

No, I haven't read the Civil War one yet. But Spider-Man's arc broke me into pieces, oh my gosh. GUTTED.

Maybe there will be more Pietro in the Utopia/Nation X thing, since his dad's coming back.
This is probably terrible of me to say, but the only reason I would sex Magneto up is because he looks so much like Pietro. I am a sick, sick bug.

Spider-man's arc was horribly sad. :( The kid and Gwen and...I don't know, I don't know much about Spidey, but I always thought that he and MJ were supposed to be the OTP. And to see them not even being happy together, well, that kind of confused me. And made me feel really bad for him.


I'm actually starting to read The Mighty Avengers simply because Pietro shows up. XD I need a Quicksilver fix!
Hah, I can't even believe I felt that way, normally Magneto's not my thing at all.

Peter was originally dating Gwen Stacy, back in the day, and MJ was kind of the spunky rival. A lot of readers preferred MJ from the start. Gwen died tragically and Peter never stopped blaming himself (he tried to rescue her) and he and MJ became the OTP and then got married and then That Plot Device happened and the rest degenerates into lots of ranty rants on the Spider-Man boards.

So I think it wasn't so much that he doesn't love MJ, as that Gwen was alive and he remembered the whole thing at the end that had him pounding the table. Because she was dead all over again and he couldn't forget.

I'm surprised they don't have Pietro in more stuff...he's a good character, surly and uber-protective of and loyal to Wanda.
*uses her Quicksilver looks just like Daddy icon* XD

I know! I want more Pietro. He's such an awesome character; I don't know why they don't utilize him more. I mean, I know his solo series kind of crashed and burned, but still - MOAR PIETRO PLZ. :D

I kind of want Spidey to be with Gwen now that I read House of M, even though I know that is impossible since she is one of those comic book characters who died and actually STAYED DEAD.
Totally unrelated, but I found this and seriously laughed out loud for thirty seconds.


(The bust doesn't have feet, obviously. ;) )



LOL I have NO idea what that hat is about, but I'm still laughing about that pic. XD